DIY Mermaid Pendants

Erin Francois

You know that jar of sea glass sitting on your mantel–the one holding not only a pretty menagerie of mermaid tears, but also great family memories of scouring the shoreline together over summer vacation?

Transform those sea glass treasures from more than just a pretty mantel souvenir into stunning pendant necklaces you and your family can wear and enjoy everyday.

The sea glass attaches to the necklace chain with wire and/or a dot of heavy duty glue, so there’s no need to drill into the glass. A simple DIY project that will give you a head start on Holiday stocking stuffers for loved ones!

Click on through and to see how exactly to create these beautiful mermaid pendants!




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Maker, designer, flea market enthusiast, and French culture devotee-- Erin Francois simply loves to make things. A passion encouraged early on in childhood by her mother and grandmother (both hardcore DIY-ers!) and strengthened with a background in interior design, Erin's blog, Francois et Moi, is a manifestation of her handmade projects and globe-trotting travels. Through sharing her weekly projects, she hopes to inspire the can-do, DIY-er in all of us!