BonBon Break LIVE: What Parents Need to Know About Water Safety with Kim Shults

BonBon Break LIVE
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This month we are focusing our content and podcasts on Water Safety. We have partnered up with Kim Shults, the founder of “Face in Water” and we are chatting about popular misconceptions with Water Safety. As an Aquatic Specialist, Kim offers a unique perspective and some REALLY helpful tips about where you can start to keep your kids safe and reflecting on our relationship with water.

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Questions answered about Water Safety:

  • What is an aquatic specialist?
  •  What do you mean when you ask about our relationship with water? 
  •  What makes water safety education challenging?
  •  What is the most important piece of water safety?
  • What are parents doing wrong?
  • How did Kim start working with water safety out of the water?
  • What is the goal behind Water Safety Month?



ABOUT KIM: Kim Shults lives in San Diego, California where she has been providing customized swim lessons for all ages and abilities since 1991. She is an innovator in swimming instruction for people with autism and those overcoming water phobias. Her successful record of aquatic breakthroughs inspired her to found Face in Water, a non-profit organization that helps individuals develop lifesaving water skills. She has a California Teaching Credential in English and is now focusing on bringing aquatic health education to the classroom through her children’s book, “Life with Lou” (click link to see!).
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