Tough Bedtime Conversations by the Average Supermom
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Tough Bedtime Conversations by the Average Supermom

As a mother, when your kids ask you complicated questions like, “Where do we go when we die?” how do you find the strength to fight back welling tears when your children acknowledge mortality? How do you find the answers when you simply don’t have any?

This is Sean’s first post at BonBon Break; welcome, Sean!

Sean Wilson Tough Bedtime Conversations The Average SupermomABOUT SEAN: Sean is a wife, mom and space exploration aficionado. When she isn’t preaching the gospel of going boldly where no man has gone before, she writes at The Average Supermom, a blog about juggling life and trying to find the beauty in all of the chaos, while maintaining a sense of your own identity. She is just one in a million moms who are your every day, average supermoms, who can do (i.e. try to do) anything and everything – often all at once. Sean holds an M.A. in professional writing and applied design and works as a public relations account manager for various space companies. She lives in a balmy suburb of Houston with her patient husband and precocious 7 year old daughter.

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