Back-to-School with Tea Collection

Val Curtis


We are HUGE fans of the Tea Collection because a) it is adorable, b) it is SO durable, and c) it is SO comfy. We are still waiting for mommy -size versions – ahem. We love that they have a general color palette and that as a result, you can buy some basic pieces and everything will match. PERFECT!

For the first two years of my daughter’s life, she refused to wear dresses – and we had a closet FULL of adorable options. On her second birthday, she received a beautiful, soft little dress from the Tea Collection and that changed the tide. My girl is picky. She likes this, but not that. You get the idea. The items she picks from Tea Collection are worn over and over and over and then we are able to pass them on to a friend. That makes every dollar spent completely worth it.

While you are perusing through, check out the Design Sets. I really adore these. They do the mixing and matching for you.

Each season, Tea Clothing picks a different country for inspiration and this year, it is Japan. The kimono style dresses and the sweet little sweaters will definitely win you over. They are SO DANG CUTE!

Whenever the seasonal catalog comes in, my daughter grabs it right from the mailbox and runs in to start “shopping”. If it was up to her, she would have had 20 items in the cart.


If you have a girl-on-the-go, you will love to layer their dresses with leggings. Again, perfect! She loves those patterned combos that Tea puts together so effortlessly.

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Here are our favorite picks from their Fall Catalog, affiliate links are included for your convenience – and you know that by “our” I mean my daughter’s picks. So true.

Tea Collection Neko Play Dress$45.00 This eye-catching pattern is inspired by Japanese ikat fabrics. “Kasuri” is the textile design technique where this style of fabric is dyed methodically in order to create geometric patterns and images.

Tea Collection Mochi Cardigan – $39.00 Mochi is a Japanese dessert of sweet rice cakes, often filled with ice cream or bean paste and formed into different shapes. This sweet cardigan is a real treat, too.

Tea Collection Striped Leggings – $24.50 Cute and comfy leggings with marine-inspired stripes that go with the flow.


Tea Collection Delightful by Design Set – $129.00 These rich colors and delightful designs were made for stylish seasonal play.

Tea Collection Skinny Solid Leggings – $22.50 Here’s the skinny on these leggings: They have just right amount of stretch and match all her favorite dresses.

Tea Collection Taki Wrap Dress – $45.00Taki is a Japanese girl’s name that means “waterfall.” With purple and deep blue hues, this dress is overflowing with fall style.


Tea Collection Panda Graphic Tee – $24.50 Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese. It doesn’t get much more kawaii than this perky panda print. Even though pandas are not native to Japan, they are very popular in pop culture.


 Tea Collection Toke Mary Jane – $60.00 Get her off on the right foot with this classic Mary Jane style from Toke. This fun color is just the thing to give her outfit a little zing.

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Ok, and just one more thing because I absolutely adore this new backpack line:

Tea Collection Pichipichi Backpack – $45.00

We have to share that Tea Collection did not pursue us, we pursued them because they have been a long time favorite in our family. Enjoy!