Animal Yoga For Kids


Most of us know what the wonderful benefits yoga can do for our children’s mind and bodies ,but did you know that adding animal poses can also build your child’s connections to nature and animals too? Enter Animal Yoga for Kids.

Let your child choose an animal and then create a pose based on that animal.  When they hold the pose, ask your child to close their eyes and think about the animal they’ve become. If they become an eagle, perhaps they can imagine themselves souring over some clouds. If they become a hedgehog, perhaps they could imagine curling up so tight in a ball that no predator could get through their spiny defenses.

If you’re not sure what to do this weekend or need an activity to calm your little bundles of energy, why not go outside and try some animal yoga poses with your children! You can read more about the benefits of yoga and see the wonderful poses we came up with by clicking below.




Animal Yoga for Children

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Penny is the creator of Wildlife Fun 4 Kids, a site designed to help parents build and strengthen their children’s love of nature and wildlife through simple, fun activities. A mother to three girls, she also works part time as a wildlife education officer. Penny holds a Bachelor of Applied Science – Wildlife Biology and a Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Years). In what little spare time she has left, Penny loves to read, go camping and be out in nature with her family.