Mango Melba by Iron Chef Shellie

Mango Melba by  Iron Chef Shellie


Shut. The. Door.

I didn’t think there was a way to improve my favourite fruit, the mango; but damn this is so so good.

A variation from the popular Peach Melba, the flavours all work so well together. The mint adds a refreshing quality, whilst the raspberry sauce adds a new depth of flavour as opposed to just eating mango on it’s own.

You NEED to try this! Trust me.

Shellie Iron ChefABOUT SHELLIE: Half Malaysian, half Swiss girl in her twenties. A graphic designer by day, and a food blogger by night. Loves baking, cooking and mostly eating. A real sweet tooth and a weakness for macaroons, meatballs, and ribs. Also has an obsession with buying cookbooks and random crockery. On weekends you’ll usually find her stuffing her face with something delicious!


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