What Moms REALLY Want on Mother’s Day

Kristen Hewitt

With all the ads for jewelry, flowers, and sweet treats bombarding us now on Facebook and in the media, I started thinking about what Mother’s Day really means. A time for us to celebrate all that our mothers and grandmothers have done for us, and relish in the fact that we created these little lives and have the privilege of raising them. My first Mother’s Day was so special, I went to a brunch at our IVF clinic and cried tears of joy that I could celebrate as an actual mom.

But as the years have gone by and our family has grown…reality has set in. Sometimes motherhood is overwhelming and just plain hard. I mean, there are books titled I Just Want To Pee Alone for crying out loud! And last year all I really wanted was to close the bathroom door and have 10 solid minutes of peace.

Seriously, my sanity was fading. Don’t get me wrong…I love the little handmade gifts that come home from school, handprints, notes and other personal gifts. But this year a trip to the spa or lying in bed all day alone or in the sun is what I crave.

Then I wondered – am I crazy? Do other moms feel like me? So I did a little poll on Facebook, and was surprised by the honesty and similarity of the answers I received.

So what do moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day this year?

Lauren Cromier of Oh HonestlyI don’t want to cook or clean for a whole day!

Cecelia Dumas – My dream Mother’s Day is to have a day/night hotel stay by myself where I get room service and a spa treatment. I may allow the hubby to join me that evening, then let the kids enjoy the pool before checkout #justbeinghonest

Lacka Lu – In this order: let me sleep in (ie: take the kids out of the house), come back and take me to brunch as a family, buy me a gift, then proceed to do the dinner, bath & bed routine so I can catch up on watching Shark Tank in my room…ALONE.

Alicia Dowell of The Mint MonogramI love a family adventure, but I want to be exempt from mommy duties! I just want to be a participant, not a parent.

Kimberly K Thom – I am happy if someone acknowledges me on Mother’s Day! A gift made or selected by the children or a brunch out that I didn’t have to plan myself.

Julia Wylie Florey – The best gift I get is a childless day.

Cyndy Greeson Rodriguez – On Mother’s Day we always do a big family breakfast with everybody and homemade gifts are the best! Then my husband gives me time to myself. I reallllllly look forward to the alone time…probably way more than I should! I love my family, but I love being alone too!

Alison Lumbatis of Get Your Pretty OnBrunch with the family, and a true day OFF. Oh and a gift card for some pampering equals perfections!

Jenn Collins of 99 HillsI love the family time for sure but what would really be amazing is three months of maid service!

Are you noticing a theme here? Out of the 40 plus answers I received, just three really wanted to do family activities all day. Yes, they all want to be with their families in some capacity, but what do moms REALLY want on Mother’s Day? To be alone.

We love our children and our husbands, but most of us are the glue that hold everything together. Please don’t think I’m leaving out great dads…because they are amazing and help nowadays more than men ever did in child rearing! But moms usually coordinate schedules, meals, activities, homework and plan special days. On Mother’s Day, however…we don’t want to actually be moms. We want to be the women we once were.

The ones that laid in bed until 10:00am reading the paper or a book or maybe even watching a few of our favorite movies. The ones who only had one person to think about, themselves. We want to be treated like the special women we are and feel like more than just a mom. We want to be pampered, remembered, thought about, and most importantly we want to just go with the flow. We don’t want to clean up toys, get the kids dressed, stress about naptime, or any other of our mom-ly duties. We want to be absolved of that role for one whole day and just have fun!

So husbands and fathers, please take note. And don’t be offended – it’s not you…it’s us. Give us some peace and quiet, take care of our little buggers angels, and let us miss you for 24 blissful hours. We promise we will be refreshed, appreciative and re-fueled to tackle another year of mommyhood!

Do you agree? What do you want for Mother’s Day?

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What Moms REALLY want for Mother's Day...what do YOU want?

Kristen Hewitt wrote this post exclusively for BonBon Break Media, LLC.

Kristen Hewitt is a 2-time Emmy Award Winning Television Reporter/Producer for Fox Sports Florida and the Miami HEAT. Her favorite job though is raising her two daughters, and she chronicles her misadventures in sports and mommyhood on her blog, Mommy in SPORTS.