Water Safety Month 2016

During MAY, BonBon Break will celebrate National Water Safety Month and we aim to inform our readers as we head into warmer weather.

We will be highlighting 1o posts from Kim Shults, author of “Life with Lou” and aquatic safety specialist that will help parents and caregivers take steps to help their children increase their water safety skills. We will also have 5 posts from parenting bloggers on the topic of water safety. All content will be run on BonBon Break. 

Each of these posts will be promoted on BonBon Break’s social media feeds (BonBon Break Facebook, private Facebook groups for parents and kids, Pinterest, and Twitter.

A round-up of all of the posts will be shared on our influencer network with a reach over 2.8 million followers on Facebook and 2 million on Pinterest.

We will also be promoting the campaign hashtag for bloggers to share their own stories and to promote Water Safety Month via BonBon Break’s campaign.

In addition, each of the posts will be shared in BonBon Break’s weekly newsletter (distribution 5,000), links to the entire campaign will be placed in BonBon Break’s Top 20 posts for the month and we will create a unique “Water Safety” board for the campaign on Pinterest.

So… how can you get involved?