Over the years we have received comments that make us proud of the work we are doing here on BonBon Break. Every post we share needs to be beneficial for: 1) us, 2) our readers, and 3) our contributors. After a post is published, we don’t walk away. That contributor is brought into our community of writers and content creators and that is our greatest achievement. We could tell you from our perspective, but we thought it would be better to share it straight from the mouths keyboards of our contributors.


I’d never heard of BonBon Break until joining Beyond Your Blog’s Facebook group. Since I was hoping to find more places that may publish my pieces, I reviewed the site, looked at the requirements and decided to submit. They accepted my first piece and assigned me to an editor who assisted me in enhancing and editing my piece, so the message of my post was more succinct and flowed better. It was such an easy and calm process! And they linked my personal blog to the piece which was a great way to get more publicity for my blog. Plus they continually will promote the piece — even months after it has been published. Just seeing my post pop up again gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Since then, I’ve worked with two more editors including Val Curtis who have been warm, supportive and treated my pieces with care and consideration. They really want to help their contributors to have a pleasant and fulfilling experience, and that’s what I have had.  ~ MB Sanok of Maple Brown Sugar



I have nothing but the best things to say about working with BonBon Break. The editor I worked with was accessible and clear on what she needed from me. My post was syndicated on the Front Porch and I was thrilled with the level of promotion that it received. BonBon Break tweeted my post numerous times, pinned it to the top of their Facebook page and included in two e-mails to subscribers. I could not have asked for better promotion. I highly suggest submitting to BonBon Break! ~ Becky Tountas of Becky’s Blog


BonBon Break was one of the first sites I ever submitted to and was thrilled when they published my work. I love the traffic I get to my own site when they tease one of my pieces, and enjoyed working with the editorial team on an original piece as well. It is a lot of fun to be published on I a site that I also love as a reader and has been a great part of my blogging strategy. ~Susan Lee Maccarelli of Pecked To Death By Chickens


BonBon Break is everything a modern mom needs. Whether I need tips on taming a tantrum, decluttering my living room, or getting a healthy dinner on the table STAT, I can find it on BonBon Break. I come to read one article and end up sticking around for several more! It’s no surprise, then, that I’m honored to be a contributor to such a high-quality site. ~Katie McLaughlin of Pick Any Two


BonBon Break is one of the best online magazines there is! Not only is it full of current, relevant, hot topics, but also features high quality writing from a diverse cohort of writers. BonBon Break is a special place to share great writing, ideas and find support for all aspects of motherhood. ~ Jennifer Wolfe of mamawolfe 


Working with Val is the way working with every editor should be: she is warm, professional, and she cares not just about her site, but about the writers, too. She and her team do a fantastic job promoting every post, and they work as hard or harder than any site out there. I would write for BonBon Break any time. ~ Kristin Shaw of Two Cannoli 



Working with the women at BonBon Break has been one of the highlights of my writing career. They’ve been not only professional but helpful, prompt and the most important thing, kind. They are quick to respond to email, Facebook posts and are always inventing new ways to not only promote BonBon Break, but support and promote us contributors as well. If only writing and contributing to all sites could be this pleasant! ~ Heather LeRoss of Tipsy Tiaras