Does Kitchen Size Matter?

Alice Seuffert


Does size matter when it comes to your kitchen?

My kitchen is 9.5 by 9.5 feet. It’s tiny. As in I often find myself saying to my husband, “Only one person is allowed in the kitchen at a time.” It’s a cheery place—red and sunny. I’ve definitely made it my space and I’ve figured out how to best maximize it.

I’ve made blue-ribbon winning entries here, cupcakes for a wedding, and mac and cheese to feed 300. I host backyard dinner parties, and every Christmas Eve, I make a seven-course seafood dinner. It’s the place where I create recipes for my blog, television segments, and, most importantly, where I feed my family.
So no, I don’t think size matters. I think you can be a really great cook in a small kitchen.
Does Kitchen Size Matter | BonBon Break

Do I ever get kitchen envy? Honestly, yes. It really pains me to walk into someone’s home and see top of the line appliances, counters that stretch for miles, and then have them lean over and whisper, “I don’t even know how to cook.” Usually at that moment, I am scoping out their pantry space where I could potentially move in. So, until a kitchen remodeling show knocks on my door, I’m finding ways to maximize my space. Here are my favorite tips for organizing my small kitchen:

Kitchen Rack/Cart: A standing kitchen rack or cart provides extra counter space for food preparation and storage space for cooking utensils, cookware, children’s dishware, and reusable food storage containers. A tall kitchen rack that has space to hang hooks allows you to hang items like bags of fruit, cookware like pots and pans, hot pads and oven mits and even lunch bags. A tall rack may also have a top shelf for extra kitchen storage.

Does Kitchen Size Matter | BonBon Break
Mounted Magazine Racks: Short on cookbook storage space? Organize your favorite cookbooks and cooking magazines with a magazine rack mounted to your kitchen wall.

Peg Board: A Julia Child-inspired pegboard in your kitchen is not only cute; it provides much needed storage space for cookware in a small kitchen. Using different style peg hooks, you can hang pots and pans, fruit baskets as well as frequently used items like measuring cups, a meat thermometer, food scissors, labeling materials like tape and sharpies.

Does Kitchen Size Matter | BonBon Break
Mounted Racks: Mounted racks inside a cabinet can provide baking sheet and cutting board storage.
Does Kitchen Size Matter | BonBon Break
Labeling: Label insides of cabinets to keep dishware, glasses and overflow items like spices organized. I also label the areas of my cabinets for food products and I even organize my freezer with labels.
Does Kitchen Size Matter | BonBon Break
Chalkboard Paint: Chalkboard painted cabinets mounted to the wall provide extra storage space for small kitchen items like spices and allow you to jot down recipes, make meal planning notes, grocery lists or keep tabs on what’s in your freezer.
Does Kitchen Size Matter | BonBon Break| BonBon Break

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My small kitchen measures 9.5 x 9.5 feet. It’s tiny, but it’s a cheery place, and I’ve made it my space and figured out how to best maximize it.

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Alice Seuffert is a Minnesota mom, wife, education researcher, and blogger at Dining with Alice, where she shares her food and family adventures. She works full-time as an education researcher for a Twin Cities nonprofit organization. On her blog, she shares her adventures making creative comfort food, experiences as a mom, and fun activities like enjoying craft beer. Alice is the Kitchen Star on the Twin Cities television show, Twin Cities Live and is known for her creative comfort food recipes and tips for busy parents.