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Prime Real Estate…

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Prime Real Estate playing in cupboards playing in the kitchen

In every home we’ve lived in, despite the size, our kids will often migrate to the areas of our home we spend the most time in, the kitchen and living room.

It doesn’t matter that they have an entire room designated for their toys as a play space. They will inevitably drag toys, books, and blankets in to the common spaces of our house, leaving a trail of clutter in their wake.

I get it. They like to be near us. I imagine that there is comfort in proximal play. While a part of me wants to demand that they muster up some courage to play a few hundred feet farther away from where I’m cooking dinner, they won’t be this young forever. Soon I’ll have to hunt them down to see them.

So, I really don’t mind if they’re corralling their ponies at the dining table or using the sofa as a pirate ship, as long I have some peace while making dinner.

But lately, they’ve infiltrated the kitchen. By which, I mean, they’ve sneaked in like suburban sprawl and set up camp. In our cabinetry.

I’ve been forced to become a landlord.

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