Halloween Fun with Bats, Witch Fingers, Eyeballs and Games

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Coffee Filter Spray Art Bats

~:: Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas ::~

If you are looking for an easy Halloween craft that takes little time to prep, costs mere cents to make, is easy for little hands and still appeals to big kids too then you must try these Coffee Filter Spray Art Bats. The process is simple yet fun and the final product is definitely something everyone will be proud to leave “hanging around“.


ABOUT BERNADETTE: Bernadette is a teacher currently working part-time in the preschool setting. She has two daughters (ages 6 and 5) who are the inspiration behind her blog, Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas . Bernadette is a firm believer of the fact that learning begins at home and doesn’t end with the afternoon school bell. Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas showcases Bernadette’s adventures with her daughters. She emphasizes playful learning and discovery with the hope of instilling her daughters with a genuine love of learning. Bernadette tweets as @Momto2PoshDivas and can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest.


I’m melting…Witch Fingers!

~:: Creative Connections for Kids ::~

If you have a bunch of broken crayons you can put them to ‘spooktacular’ use by melting them into witch finger crayons! These fancy fingers are super fun to make. Kids (and grown-ups) love seeing the colors melt together and transform into a new shape and creation. Witch finger crayons make cute party favors and gifts for friends too.



Kristi writes Creative Connections for Kids. She is passionate about grown-ups connecting with their kids and kids making learning connections through play. She is a parent educator and coordinator for a Parents as Teachers program and has worked in early childhood special education for over fifteen years. She is a wife, mother of two delightful daughters, and has a wonderful son-in-law. You can connect to Creative Connections for Kids on Facebook , Twitter, and Pinterest.


Halloween Crafts: Glow in the Dark Eyeballs

~:: Red Ted Art’s Blog ::~

I bet you were wondering “More Halloween Crafts?!” Well here are some ghoulish Halloween Eye Balls for you…best of all the GLOW IN THE DARK!!! How spooky is that?!

We came up with the idea, as we love Googly Eyes so much and thought how about some “giant” googly eyes that we could hide around the house and make things look SPOOKY and then we decided to add some glow in the dark paint. Whoop Whoop!




ABOUT MAGGY: Maggy Woodley is an award winning Craft writer at www.redtedart.com – a website packed with fun, inexpensive and easy to follow craft ideas for all the family. Watch out for her craft book “Red Ted Art, 60 Easy Crafts for Kids” (published by Square Peg) out in March 2012.

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Halloween Games

~:: The Pleasantest Thing ::~

For our annual Halloween party, our goal is to get the kids moving and laughing. Many of the games in this collection are old favorites, given a Halloween update. All of them are simple, easy to make ideas – you probably already have most of the supplies.




ABOUT CAROLYN: Carolyn is the writer at The Pleasantest Thing blog, and a mom to two boys. She believes play is critical to child development. Her blog focuses on learning and developing imagination through adventure, play, reading, and nature. Her perfect day would start with a cup of Darjeeling tea, end with a snuggle and a good book by the fire, and in the middle would be lots of laughter, running, and tickling.

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