Hot Mess Workout by Roller Derby Athletics

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Hot Mess Workout by Roller Derby Athletics

Are you always on the look out for something that will snap your sluggish self into shape? I am not a gym person. But I do want to be active somehow. When I found Booty Quake’s workouts on Pinterest, I was intrigued. Yep. Booty Quake is her Roller Derby name. She’s actually Carla Smith. I total bad-ass on the rink and knows her fitness stuff to build a proper strong core, ninja flexibility and fat burning sweat sessions that don’t take hours. I think I need a Roller Derby name too! Check out this workout called, It’s a Hot Mess that will take you only a few minutes, but will rev you up into a sweaty beast. ~Rebecca

Each exercise on the list works multiple muscle groups at once. You’ll be challenging your body (ahem, lungs included!) in a very short but intense period of time – that’s how you’re able to get a full workout in such a small window.

Expect to burn a sweat – it’s a Hot Mess, after all :)

Here’s the drill:

clickToContinueBooty Quake of Roller Derby AthleticsABOUT Carla: Carla, aka “Booty Quake” is a Roller Derby girl and coach since 2007. A lifetime of sports under her belt, including  basketball, field hockey, lacrosse, triathlon, swimming, water polo, and marathons,  she truly has the mind and body of an athlete. She wants others to not just workout to look good, but to embrace their athletic side too. She works in her community to help at-risk youth with the power of Roller Derby. She has a YouTube channel where you can see more of her videos.

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