Anger Management for Parents: Effective Discipline When You’re Mad

Kim Sorgius

I was only about halfway up the stairs when I saw it. The squiggly black line trailed horizontal on the wall as far as I could see and I thought my heart would stop beating.

We were moving out in 2 days and I couldn’t possibly afford to lose my security deposit.

I ran my fingers along the sharp black line and confirmed my greatest fear. It was permanent marker. My eyes closed, almost as if to say, “We are going to need a minute to gain some composure here.”

Yet almost simultaneously I could feel the pressure rising and the burning in my face. There was only one kid home, so there was no question as to the offender. And that offender was presently on my “very naughty” list.

I know you have been there, too. Standing in the moment when the heat is rising and teetering between reality and the feeling of “someone might die here today.”

Of course, you have no intention of killing your child and honestly don’t want to harm him/her ever, but the heat has just been cranked up and it’s only a matter of seconds before the explosion.

What do you do?




Anger Management for Parents: 3 Steps to Effective Discipline When You're Mad

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Kim Sorgius is a single mother of 4, a passionate homeschooler and life-long student. After teaching 8 years in public school, she traded her M.A. in Early Childhood Education for sippy cups and homeschool co-ops. She is a lover of cake, all things organization, and words. You can find her at Not Consumed where she writes about homeschooling, parenting, and single motherhood.