The Week of December 3, 2012

BonBon Break

A Kimochis giveaway!  I am so excited!

What is a Kimochi?  They are wonderful tools that encourage children to share their emotions.  My son is the embodiment of the Huggtopus.  At playgroup, he is known as Don Juan.  If another child is standing or sitting they are fair game.  He approaches with long arms and goes in for the hug or smooch.  Some kids are into it, some are not.  After the fourth hug, almost all are not.  How do I teach him the skills of detecting whether a hug is welcome without squashing all the love he has inside?  Kimochis.  Watch the video, and enter our giveaway.


Sharalyn’s Pick

My sister in law, a teacher, is a naturalist at heart.  She set up a bird station outside her kitchen window and hung a birding ID card from the window sill.  As the kids eat their breakfast, they watch the birds, learn their names, and participate in observing the beauty of nature.  A bird feeder this holiday season is a great present for children of all ages.  Help them learn about nature with this gift.  And, no one has to pick it up!


Kathy’s Pick

My kids started working on their lists to Santa and once again I am joining them. For the third year in a row, I am asking Santa for a GPS to locate my “before children” body.  Also, I am hoping for an App that helps my kids remember what I told them five minutes ago.  In case Santa falls down on the job (again), I am asking for the LaLicious Moisturizing Body Scrub. I’m guessing that a few minutes in a warm shower moisturizing my dry skin will not aid me in finding my pre-baby body.   But it will help scrub the stress away and I will forget that my kids are not listening to me for the 1000 time. Happy Shopping!


Val’s Pick

My pick this week is the iPad. My husband bought it for me just before the birth of our daughter and it was a godsend. During those endless hours of nursing and healing…and nursing, I had my favorite books, shows, movies, resources, apps, games, etc. right at my fingertips.

Later my iPad became a major tool during the creation of Bonbon Break. Culling websites for content, design and contributors could not be done on-the-fly (or sitting right next to the kids while they were running around the garden on a hot summer day) if it had not been for it’s extreme portability.

When Kathy and I went to BlogHer in NYC, I used my iPad to share Bonbon Break to 100s of new viewers (and one will be providing us with NEXT week’s giveaway!! *fist pump*).

When I received it, I thought it was an excessive gift, but now I am so incredibly thankful that my husband kept the tech-geek in the family up-to-date.