Val Curtis is the Editor-in-chief of and has spent the last seven years combing thousands of sites and creating BonBon Break from the ground up, 0 followers to over 100K in a year and a half and now up to an average of 700K for 2015. She has also created dozens of other sites and extensive content for teachers, elected officials, blogs and companies.

What has she learned during this time? What works. 

Now you can benefit from her knowledge with a personal tutoring session on your site via a live session in G+ or on Skype. 

Personal Tutoring Menu

  • Site overview – Discuss site and post layout and discover some quick fixes you can make to improve your visibility including mobile accessibility.
  • Google Analytics – Do you have Google Analytics installed, but you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do with it?  We can teach you the metrics to follow and discover what YOUR readers want from YOU. Dashboard templates included.
  • Site redesign consulting – Are you considering a redesign? Design, implementation, branding and optimization are four separate functions that need to be considered before you spend the big bucks. Head to your designer knowing exactly what you want.
  • Media Kit You want to reach out to companies and put your best foot forward, but what is there to say? Let us help you share your most tantalizing bits in an eye-catching format.
  • A Blog is Born – You have a BRILLIANT idea for a blog, now what? We can help you find a good name, fine tune your branding concept,  set up your URL and social media outlets and set up a personalized weekly to-do list that fits your niche / lifestyle / time allowed. She can also help you design your site from the ground up with a plan for success. 
  • It’s Getting Serious– Are you ready to increase your online presence? We will give you a one-on-one overview to this medium and provide you with a weekly plan to increase your audience, monetize and boost your social media presence.
  • It’s Time to ReBrand – 8 weekly sessions will walk you through re-creating your brand, creating an editorial calendar, a branding action plan and site / logo redesign consulting.

Are you just STUCK and need some help with a particular aspect of your site? You can reach out and get personalized help.

I am also working on a “service plan” where you pay for a year of help “as needed” and an editing option as well. More information to come!

Contact Val at or 360-317-6416 to set up a time for your personal tutoring session.