How To Really Connect With Your Teenager

Karine Glenn

You have to appreciate a post written by a teenager about how to parent teenagers!

Ok, so I’m not saying I was the roughest of the rough during my teenage years but I definitely went through my own teenage “rebellious stage” that caused some of my family members concern. I refer to grades 7th-9th as the brutal years where kids can just be outright cruel. The years where friends turn into enemies and enemies turn into so called “friends”. Granted, I know life is hard for teenagers well through high school as well but at least for me, looking back, it was those middle school years that were the toughest on me.

I think there are countless ways you can help your child and connect with your teenager through those years when it seems like their friends are their biggest influences. I’ve taken some thoughts on what my parents did to help me (as well as the things I wish they had done) that seem to go along with some of the themes I’ve noticed from some of my classes, and compiled a list in hopes that it will inspire you in your own way while raising your teenagers.

Be Present: physically, mentally, and emotionally

OKAY, so how often are we present physically but not really present mentally when in the same room with someone? There were a couple of times during my rebellious stage that I’d be alone in a room or car with my mom and I really wished she would try and talk to me but I could tell she was in “worry land” far, far away…

Teenagers discern easily whether you’re really interested in what they have to say or not based on if you’re asking follow-up questions and showing the appropriate emotions.



How to REALLY connect with your teenager --- told by a teenager


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