Baked Apple Butter & Brown Sugar Wings

Chung-Ah Rhee


Apple butter is one of my favorite flavors of fall, and a great way to put those fresh picked orchard apples to use, but never in my wildest dreams have I thought of using it to make wings. Now that I’ve discovered this genius recipe for baked apple butter and brown sugar wings from one of my favorite blogs, Damn Delicious, you can bet you’ll find a batch of these in my kitchen very soon.

We all know the perfect wing means a balance of sweet and spicy, but who ever thought to use apple butter as the sweet ingredient?!? I’m drooling just thinking about it. I’m also having one of those, “why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments. Plus, they’re topped with a Sriracha cream sauce! I can’t wait to surprise The Hubs with these. I think football Sunday is going to taste like fall this week.

Apple butter is readily available in most supermarkets and farmers markets, but it’s actually very easy to make at home. You can even use a crock pot. If you want to make your own apple butter at home, check out this recipe from our friend Faith, and be sure to save a little for a batch of apple butter and brown sugar baked wings.




Baked Apple Butter Wings. Fall Snacking Perfection

Chung-Ah Rhee is a New York native who transplanted herself to sunny California a decade ago for school and hasn’t left. She shares her love of cooking with her readers on her food blog, Damn Delicious where she takes simple, fresh ingredients and transforms them into sophisticated and elegant meals. When she’s not cooking or taking food photography, she enjoys spending her time running by the beach and scoping out the best restaurants in each city that she visits.