100 Creative Kick Starters for Families by Mama Scout

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100 Creative Kick-Starters for Families

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100 kickstartersthis is a project i have been working on for a long time, mostly in my journal. these are things we have done with great fun together with our kids. i expect i will write more elaborate posts on many of them in the future – but in the meantime, i think you get the idea of what we were trying for. there is a link at the bottom for a printer friendly version of this. and as always, please share your family’s kickstarters! i would love to hear what you do.

ABOUT AMY: Amy Bowers blogs at Mama Scout about big, creative family living. Featuring open ended projects, inspirational essays and resources, she aspires to give families the courage to create the life and adventures they want with their children. She is offering her first month long e-course, Mama Scout Lab in September.

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