10 Things to Do Before Your Senior Graduates

Susan Foster

It’s high school graduation season and to celebrate this milestone, here are 10 things I’m doing to prepare for my son’s big day. along with a few tips for how to get these preparations accomplished.

1.  The senior must still finish school!

Senioritis is a real thing. But colleges do look at those final grades, so encourage your kid to give it one last push.

2.  Be sure the senior has no outstanding debts with the school.

Have your student check with the administrative office to be sure they have no outstanding fees, library books, or sports equipment not turned in. This could stand in the way of them receiving their diploma!

3.  Have your senior try on the graduation gown and be sure they have a cap and tassel. 

Exchange it right away, if it is the wrong color, or too big, or too small!

4.  Order, address, and mail graduation announcements and/or party invitations.

According to one source I read, sending these out about three weeks before the event is optimal. Don’t forget to stop at the post office for stamps – I like the ones that say “celebrate!” And Mac users: I found an excellent tutorial on how to create mailing address labels – I might actually finally do this!

5.  Remember to celebrate the other graduates in your life.

Stock up on “Congratulations Graduate” cards. As you receive graduation party announcements and invitations, keep track of them on your calendar so you don’t miss attending any important events.

6.  Be sure you have enough graduation ceremony tickets for your invited guests.

Be aware that sometimes the number of guests allowed per student is limited.

7.  Prepare your home for guests.

Don’t leave decluttering the guest room, cleaning, getting out the outdoor furniture, etc. to the last minute. Start NOW.

8.  Plan and prepare for the party.

  • Set a budget and decide on a menu.
  • Make lists of food ingredients, beverages, paper products, and decorations you will need. Estimate quantities based on your guest list.
  • Start shopping and cooking/baking anything that can be purchased/prepared ahead.
  • Order cakes, flowers, meat or vegetable trays, etc. (if desired) and don’t forget to pick them up!
  • If the party is to be outdoors, have an inclement weather backup plan.
  • Even if you request “no gifts” people may still bring them. Have a table or basket where these can be placed. (After the party, it’s important to keep a written list of all the gifts, so the senior doesn’t miss sending any thank you notes!)
  • Be sure you have a plan for:

a) Providing guests with directions.

b) Parking.

c) Music and / or entertainment (if desired)

d) Tables and chairs.

e) A method for keeping buffet foods at the right temperature.

f) A good place for your pets during the party, if it is at your home.

g) any other aspects that could influence this event.

  • Prepare and plan as much as you can in advance, so you have time to mingle and enjoy the party!

9.  Gather some memorabilia about your senior to display at the party.

Here are some ideas:

  • Photos from baby through high school years (a trifold poster board is great for this.)
  • Awards and recognitions.
  • High school sports jerseys, art projects, favorite childhood toy, etc.
  • Future college banners, posters, etc.
  • A slideshow of memories to play during the party. Be sure to include pictures of friends.
  • Use colors (high school or future college) for balloons, streamers, table centerpieces, cake, etc.

10. Stay calm and have fun.

Enjoy these last few weeks of high school with your senior, and spend some quality time together!



10 Things to Do Before Your Senior Graduates

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Susan Foster became a writer after being a registered nurse and a stay-at-home mom. She is the author of The Most - of Every Moment, a blog about making the most of all life’s moments. Her inspiration for the blog and much of her writing comes from her life of travels, favorite recipes, parenting experiences, the beauty of living in Montana, and all things that make a life well-lived. Susan has also been published in the professional journal, Nursing 2016.