Small and Mighty Moments

Jennifer Wolfe

Breathe in. Exhale. Release. Relax. Our-Pact-super-sponsor

You are enough.

All will be well.

The meeting you’re prepared for (or not) will happen, and you will end up upright at the close.

The lessons you’re planning for  school will begin and end and the students will learn.

The teen you fought with this morning will wake up and smile at you again, eventually.

But you need to stop, just for a moment.

Breathe in. Exhale. Release. Relax.

You are enough.

All will be well.

This is what I tell myself, muttering mantras and gratitudes and setting reminders to keep me in the present – to keep me anchored in the ordinary.

And sometimes in these moments of feeling like the world is happening way too fast, I steal a glimpse into a stranger’s eyes, and in a flash I see inspiration –  their story, their pain, or maybe simply a glimmer of a kindred spirit.

And sometimes in these moments I gaze out the window or down the hall or up into the sky searching, seeking, desperate for inspiration; I imagine that this is my one wild and precious life, and wonder what the hell I’m doing with it.

I realize, sometimes, in these moments, I am just a tiny, minute speck in the Universe.

These are the moments, small and mighty, that make up our days, our weeks, our months and our years. Sometimes in isolation these moments don’t feel too extraordinary – they’re not always about sitting on a ledge, gazing at Half Dome in the distance. They’re the ordinary seconds of life – when the dinner is rushed or the subway is hot and crowded or your two-year-old chucked their lunch on the floor (again) or your baby just won’t fall asleep in their crib…but in isolation, they are just moments of time, pieces of the beautiful puzzle of life. YOUR life. MY life.

They are inspiration. They are motivation to do better and be better and know better.

And then I wonder, does it really matter?

What if this IS all there is? What if all you had to do was be present in these moments, be willing to listen to the whispers? Would they change? Would they be more beautiful?

Would you pay more attention?

I know we’re all busy and rushed and thinking ten steps ahead. I’ve been as guilty (or more) than most, but I’m making a conscious effort to change. I’ve learned some accidental life lessons   in the past year – like Cameron’s accident – that have taught me that no matter how much I plan or think or control sometimes it is what it is. And I’m finding kindred spirits. People who, like me, are waking up and realizing that what we might think is important today might not really be life-shattering – that we might not even notice. People who are waking up and feel the extraordinary in the ordinary,   and know they don’t want to miss their teen sitting at the dinner table, telling them about their math test? Or a smile sent their way on that crowded subway? Or the look in their two-year-old’s eyes that says I just want you to pay attention ! Or that delightful slurp of release when their baby latches off and falls asleep in their arms?

People who are inspiring me, in their own ordinary, extraordinary way, to be here, now.

You can’t snap or gram or post that beauty, but it’s there. Right in front of you, for those kindred spirits who are awake to see it.

This is enough. This beauty, this here, now, is enough. You are enough.


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What if all you had to do was be present in these moments, be willing to listen to the whispers? Would they be more beautiful? Would you pay more attention?

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Jennifer Wolfe, a mom, middle school teacher, and storyteller, writes about thinking deeply, loving fiercely, and teaching audaciously. Jennifer shares stories and reflections on her blog, mamawolfe, as well as on The Huffington Post, Listen To Your Mother, Bonbon Break, Mamapedia, Mamalode, and BlogHer.