Environmentally Friendly Camping: 4 Simple Ways To Be A Green Happy Camper by Inspired Camping

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Environmentally Friendly Camping: 4 Simple Ways To Be A Green Happy Camper by Inspired Camping

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We’ve seen some amazing developments in environmentally friendly camping in the past few years as manufacturers realize there’s more to this leisure activity than simply pitching up. These days’ happy campers want to get to their campsite in glamping style and be gentle to the environment while they’re there. In fact it seems that the modern camper has now very much become a green camper!


1. New Green Camping Technology

In my opinion, the first piece of kit for the green camping checklist is the inspirational Biolite Stove. If you haven’t already heard of it then I guarantee you will soon. It’s truly one of the most innovative camping products I’ve seen in years. In fact, I think it’s right up there with the invention of solar technology! I also believe it’s going to change the face of renewable energy for camping as not only is it incredibly clever but it’s affordable too.

The stove generates clean heat, clean energy and has been developed as both a camping and home stove to help save millions of lives cut short by smoke inhalation. It does this by cutting emissions and CO2, both contributing towards climate change. But the cleverest bit is that it also allows you to charge mobile phones, navigation systems, laptops, LED lights, etc. while you use it. In fact anything with a USB connection can be charged. Think about it… while in the middle of nowhere you can light a fire, make a cuppa and charge your gadgets all at the same time! It’s truly a camping revolution!


2. Camping Solar Power 

In recent years we’ve seen the concept of the solar powered tent, something that lets you camp in style and comfort, but also charge your gadgets while you’re out and about. There are many solar powered tents on the market but you also have an option of making a portable solar generator if you already own a tent and don’t wish to buy another. Soon I’ll be sharing my own experiences and recommendations of doing just that.

Part of the joy of getting on the road is the freedom to roam and experience wild camping, instead of camping officially. As a result, many campers are now fitting DIY solar power kits to their campervans to allow them to go completely off grid when they get on the road. It’s not as difficult as you might think and can be a very frugal way of improving the freedom you have while camping, without having to lose any luxuries such as music, DVDs, fresh food in the fridge and lights on whenever they are needed.


3. Recycle More Than Just Plastic Bottles

Some campers are recycling used cooking oil from restaurants to make their own, very cheap, bio-diesel to get them on the road in an Earth friendly way. This isn’t a process for everyone as it can be a bit tricky, but it’s great for the environment and your pocket if you fancy the challenge and don’t mind smelling of fried food!

Another great way of recycling while camping is to renovate a vintage campervan or caravan. It’s the ultimate way to go cool camping or glamping that will also give you extra points for being environmentally friendly.


4. Choose Camping Businesses Carefully

Helpfully, many commercial campsites are beginning to realize they must become more environmentally active if they want to attract the green camper. After all, camping brings us all closer to nature and being closer to it makes us want to work harder to protect it. It also opens our eyes to the little things. Litter looks even more out of place than normal, as do smelly fossil fuel generators and the noticeable absence of solar panels and recycling facilities.

If done properly camping can be a great environmentally friendly activity, and one that can inspire the family and help keep them healthy. A few simple adjustments with ideas that are just as gentle to the environment as they are to the wallet are all it takes to become an Earth friendly camper.

I definitely think that deserves virtual high fives all around!

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ABOUT SARAH: Sarah is the founder of Inspired Camping, a free online magazine created to inspire cool family camping and glamping adventures, by offering high quality, vintage, eco-friendly and humorous articles and giveaways for any type of camper. She is also the author of Beach Potato a summer and surf adventure novel for kids and adults alike.

Occasionally Sarah manages to escape into the camping wilderness for some much-needed adventure with her family, and dusts off her Custard Point surfboard whenever she can. She particularly enjoys foraging for wild foods and finding treasures in the hedgerows she can turn into her own specially prepared meals, cider and wine.

If you would like to get involved with Inspired Camping, Sarah can be contacted directly through TwitterFacebook and Pinterest.

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