Easy Screen Time Rules for Summer
Val Curtis

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It’s officially here! Summer is upon us and the kids are frolicking and the sun is shining. However, even with all of this cheer and play, there is the daily issue of screen time during the summer. “Mom, can I have your iPad?” “Mom, can we watch ____?” I had to find something easy to get us through.

Last summer, I made this list and whenever the kids asked, I just pointed to the sign. After three days, it became a default.

The paper is still hanging in our kitchen and I decided to make it legit. I thought you might like a copy too!

It works this way. The kids need to do 20 minutes of each activity. They get to choose how to define it. They also need to complete three chores and read or write for 20 minutes. The beauty is that once they are outside playing, they aren’t counting the minutes. Once they head over to the neighbors to take out their trash, they are talking to them and then playing with their dog. Once they start drawing and painting, they are lost in the moment of creativity!

Kids fall to screens by default because it is passive and nearby; we all do. Having this list available reminds all of us to step away from the pull of our electronic devices.

I took our little list and designed it onto a piece of wood to bring that outdoors feeling in. We added it to our Zappos store here.

screen time rules

We also included it as an iPad Air case (buy here):
screen time ru

…a simple wood poster (buy here):
…an even simpler paper poster! (buy here):

screen time rules poster

Is there another way you would like to see this? Just let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear if this works for you and your family. What strategies are you using to control screen time? We’ve used this one in the past, but we had to change gears last summer and we are giving it another go this year!

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Great tool for screen time during the summer. Get those kids outside!