What’s In YOUR Bento? Middle Schooler Edition…by Small Potatoes
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What’s In YOUR Bento? Middle Schooler Edition

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What’s In YOUR Bento? Middle Schooler Edition…by Small Potatoes

Who said bentos are for little kids? My big kids, middle kids, AND little kids love a bento lunch. In fact, my middle schooler packs his OWN bento lunch, and he’s pretty good at it, too!

This week’s bento is an example of what my 6th grader, whom we call Birdie, takes to school in his bento box. Oh, and did I mention that his bento box has a cool factor of infinity?

Seriously…it’s a samurai warrior. Way cool.

arlee small potatoesABOUT ARLEE: Arlee is an Early Childhood Educator, earning her degree at BYU Idaho. She run a government accredited care center in her home in Red Deer, AB. She studied with the New York Institute of Photography and she owns her own photography studio. Arlee is a mother of 6, an aspiring yogi, a lover of books, travel, good food and wine. She’s a blogger in her “spare time” and she will never say no to chocolate.

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