Unethical Tricks That I Swear I’m Not Considering Doing by Mommy NaniBooBoo

Unethical Tricks That I Swear I’m Not Considering Doing by Mommy NaniBooBoo

I heard something on the radio that led me to a link that led me to another link that led me to a thread on reddit.

Basically, this thread was about some unethical, but useful tricks that could save money or make a person’s life easier.

Let me now tell you that I am a highly ethical person.  My moral compass is so ridiculously stuck at true north, that my husband will often make fun of me for it.

Most of the things I read on the thread, I would never try to do…

but there may be a couple that I’m going to have to try really hard NOT to do…

they could actually be (ahem) useful…


Maybe I’m a goodie two shoes…

or maybe I’m a person with a very high level of anxiety, and the second I do something that does not fall in the “right” category, it  haunts me endlessly and keeps me up at night.

Here are some of the ideas I read…

Jenni Smiley medABOUT JENNI:  Jenni Chiu is a former actor turned writer, blogger, and vlogger.  She is a “Mommaloguer” at SheKnows.com and is best known for her 68% humorous blog – MommynaniBooboo.com.  She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two boys, and two lesbian dogs.

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