Grasping for time to stand still


My children have inherited my sentimental nature. When something comes to an end, like the school year; together, we wallow in melancholy over what has passed. We should revel in the triumph of what’s accomplished! We should look forward to something new and exciting! But we don’t always. Maybe it’s because change is hard. I […]

5 Spring Beauty Must-Haves Makeup Tips

5 Spring Beauty Must-Haves Makeup Tips

Thank you for supporting BonBon Break by using our links to purchase these Spring Perfect products via Rebecca’s Makeup Tips. The Balm NudeTude Eye Shadow Palette This palette has actually been around for awhile. But if you aren’t familiar with it, you need to be soon! It’s nude, neutral and fun. 12 colors of both matte […]

The Best Makeup Products for Teens and Tweens

The Best Makeup Products for Teens and Tweens - Mom approved

Whether you have a 16 year old daughter, or an 11 year old daughter, you have probably discussed the topic of makeup. You might argue she wears too much. You might wonder which products she should use on her delicate changing acne riddled skin. I’m not here to say when girls should start wearing makeup. […]

You’re Hotter Than You Think

You Are Hotter Than You Think by Rebecca Gallagher for Bonbon Break

Although this picture might prove otherwise. But hey, there’s power in looking silly and not caring. Amy Poehler said that. But I’m going to talk to you about looking sexay. HAWT. Smokin’. I bet you think you could lose a few pounds or you’d never wear a bikini. You’re waiting for your body to be […]

Cold Weather Skin Savers

Cold Weather Skin Savers by Frugalist blog

The weather has plummeted to a chilly 35 degrees here. Don’t laugh. That’s cold in these parts. And when it’s cold, it’s usually sunny and clear and DRY. All of a sudden the air has sucked out any moisture. So, this means my skin is like an alligator. Or it feels like it. Tight, dry. […]