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WINNER!! CONGRATULATIONS to Amelia from Tales of a Mountain Mama and thank you to Today I Ate a Rainbow for sharing this wonderful product.

Continue celebrating Healthy Families!

To honor the month of Love, we not only want to “Capture the Love” or emotional health of our families, but also honor both their emotional and physical health as well.  Bonbon Break has put together a week of posts celebrating healthy families and coupled it with a giveaway with a wonderful company, Today I Ate a Rainbow.

~::The Prize::~

Today I Ate A Rainbow Kit


Setting healthy eating habits just got a little easier with
the Today I Ate A Rainbow Kit!!

The Rainbow Kit contains:

• 1 portable magnetic chart
• 4 sets of rainbow tracking magnets
• 4 achievement cloud magnets
• The Rainbow Bunch book
• 2 magnet strips for the free downloadable Today I Tried Chart
• Access to Shopping List and Rainbow Eater’s Certificate


~::The Giveaway::~

Today I ate a rainbow

To enter:

1)  Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite healthy choice you have made for your family.

2)  Follow Bonbon Break on Facebook and leave a comment here.

3) Follow I Ate a Rainbow on Facebook and leave a comment here.

4) Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment here.


Rules and disclosures: Bonbon Break was not paid for this giveaway except for the gift which will be given to the winning reader. This contest is open to US residents only.  The contest begins on February 4, 2013 at 12:00am PST and will commence on February 11 at 11:59 pm PST. The winner will be chosen randomly using Random.org and they will be notified via email. If a response is not received within 48 hours, another name will be drawn.


It's Time to CHAT!


  1. Patricia says

    Growing a garden and having my kiddos help me chop up veggies and help in the kitchen had helped us eat more from the rainbow. I love it when my kiddos are willing to try new food.

  2. says

    Our daughter loves to make veggie pizza for dinner after we have been to the local farmers market !! We have liked both pages and Shared on the Tri Cities Moms Facebook page and my own page !!
    Thanks Kia

  3. Keeley Saunders says

    Every morning my son and I make a green smoothie. While enjoying the smoothie my son indulges in the blueberries

  4. says

    What a great way to start your healthy families section with none other than “Today I Ate a Rainbow”. They live, eat (no pun intended) & breathe healthy lifestyle choices, in a way that makes the process fun & interesting for kids. The kit engaged my girls and started many educational conversations on the subj. which they’ll hopefully carry into adulthood. Thanks Kia!

    ~Angela Santomero

  5. Maria Kiguthi says

    The healthy choice I am most happy about is that we don’t eat out. It gets tiring sometimes but is better for us to eat home cooked foods.

  6. Simone says

    My best healthy eating strategy has always been to include my son in the preparation of the food. Even if he isn’t game enough to try the end result, at least he saw it being prepared and sometimes sneaks some ingredients into his mouth to taste test :)

  7. Michelle says

    We are on over one year of healthy eating. Little to no dairy, little to no processed foods, and very little animal protein and most importantly TONS of fruits and veggies and nuts. Getting a vitamix as a gift from a friend was a huge help to eating a rainbow for our kids! Love this site! Thank you!

  8. Angela says

    We are working on cutting out all processed foods and eating only whole grain foods. I also for I ate a Rainbow today on Facebook.

  9. Resa Armstrong says

    I try to model healthy eating for my kids, and prepare healthy food for them to eat. Each summer we work at growing our own garden.

  10. says

    One thing all my kids will eat is a fruit salad I make with fresh pinapple, strawberries, bananas, and kiwi (though they pick out the kiwi, unfortunately).

  11. jennifer says

    my son LOVES baked ziti and pizza (basically he is a carbivore lol) so we compromise with veggie pizza and veggie ziti :)

  12. Emi says

    Leave a comment on this post sharing your favorite healthy choice you have made for your family. Strawberries. They are available locally at two huge strawberry farms and are super cheap ($1 per basket and sometimes they give us some for free) We put them in salads, bake them in bread, make jam and just eat them. And they are organic!

  13. Samantha Hill says

    We’ve created a super healthy dip for our veggies! It helps get the kiddos to actually eat more of a variety :)

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