Helping My Highly Sensitive Children Carry Their Emotions


I see his little head bobbing in a sea of infants; his teacher spots me and shakes his small hand, giving him unspoken permission to go to me. I watch my son’s face and can instantly tell he is fighting tears. I know by the look on his face that his morning in school has […]

7 Ways Gardening Promotes Total Wellness


Having a well-balanced life is the key to happiness and fulfillment. This can be hard to find with all life can throw at you. So to help, here are the 7 dimensions to seek to keep a healthy balance, and how gardening helps: 1. Physical Wellness Gardening provides a good amount of exercise while distracting […]

That Ain’t A Puddle You Want To Jump In


The entire career of Motherhood is broken down into two parts. 75% of motherhood is yelling instructions to children through a closed bathroom door. The other 25% is exchanging bodily-fluid horror stories with anyone else who has ever parented for more than 45  minutes. Dealing with disgusting bodily functions quickly becomes a topic of interest […]

My Sexist Baby & I


    The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released their findings from a new study on gender differences in Adult-Infant Communication. Yes, we all understand the importance of communication. Especially in regards to our children. And it came as little surprise that female caregivers had more language interaction with their infant(s), compared to male caregivers. But what […]

20 Things an Only Child Will Learn About Siblings 


As the only child of a single mother, I longed for a brother or sister.  A playmate.  A confidant.  A partner in crime.  I thought having a sibling was like having your best friend living in your house.  I’m not sure why. One of my best friends at the time had a younger sister, and […]

Who is Your Oasis?

Who is Your Oasis? Everybody Needs One

You just took a call from your child’s doctor. It wasn’t his staff calling with the results, it was the doctor himself – which we all know only means that the test came back positive for (fill in the blanks). You hang up the phone, maybe you remembered to wish him a “good day,” or […]

I Love You Too Much To Get You A Phone


  image via © by Brooke Romney of Mom Explores Michigan According to my 4th grader, we are the only parents who don’t let their kids have their own phones, iTouches or tablets. When he asks why, my answer is constant: “I love you too much to give you one.” I am not opposed to […]