How am I? I am in the trenches

How Am I? I am in the trenches. So many people have walked this walk, but my situation is my own.

In the Trenches. I’ve used that phrase often. In the trenches of college. In the trenches of figuring out my career. In the trenches of planning a wedding. In the trenches of new motherhood. In the trenches of toddlerhood. I have never used that phrase for anything as painful as being in the trenches of […]

Tips for Reading to Babies & Young Children


    by Lorna Flowers of Always Be Flowers Before becoming a mother, I would have scoffed at parents who didn’t read to their children. I was a book kid and still love reading. My fondest childhood memories are of being read to at bedtime and, eventually, hiding under my covers to finish a chapter book […]

12 Tips for Trick-or-Treating With Toddlers

trick-or-treat with toddlers

by Katie Markey McLaughlin of Pick Any Two Crazy costumes, spooky decorations, and massive amounts of candy—what’s not to love about Halloween, right? Right. Tell that to the parent of a young child. All the fun of Halloween can quickly be zapped by an ill-fitting costume, a house that’s too scary, or a kid with a […]

How To Set Up A Kid-Safe Computer

This post has very helpful tips and tools on how to set up a kid-safe computer - sponsored by @KidsEmail

This post was sponsored by by Ellie of Musing Momma These days most experts agree that keeping our kids safe online is not just a matter of teaching a few simple rules and trusting them to make good choices. As parents, we need to take steps to protect them. Not only are kids and teenagers […]

One-handed Mama

Life in a plugged-in world is creating a lot of one-handed mamas

Over the past 8 months, I’ve been on a quest to live a less-distracted life. Reading blogs like The Hands Free Mama and The Orange Rhino have reminded me how much being distracted, especially by technology, impacts my everyday life with my children. When I’m distracted by my computer or phone, I become an Angry […]

Facebook Hypocrisy & 3 Ways to Benefit from it


    I read  _________’s Facebook post this morning and honestly, this wave of heat erupted from my center, cresting out towards my skin. I’m sure you’ve come across one or two of these. A post which leads you to assume that a friend or family member’s page has been pirated because there’s no correlation […]

10 YouTube Stars Your Kid Loves

Your kids know these YouTube stars, but do you?

By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media parenting editor You’ll be forgiven if you think Smosh sounds like something you do to a bug and PewDiePie is a new kind of dessert. These — and lots of other names you’ve probably never heard of — are some of the hottest celebs in the entertainment industry. But […]

Build Community: BOO Your Neighbors

We LOVE this great Halloween activity for families and it is a great way to get to create some community within your neighborhood!

I’ve never been a Halloween fanatic. Sure, it’s fun, but I don’t get all crazy about dressing up and decorating the house. I leave that to my husband, who has enough Halloween spirit for the both of us! But I do love all of the Halloween activities that bring us together as a family and […]