Mother’s Day Gift Ideas by Tasha of Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

Hand Poem Bouquet

Do you love artwork featuring your child’s handprints as much as I do?  Every time my twin girls come home with handprint art my heart does a happy dance.  I love the thought of being able to look back on them as they grow to remember just how sweet and tiny they used to be. […]

Individual Cheesy Corn Casserole Cups by An Edible Mosaic

Individual Cheesy Corn Casserole Cups 3 (2)

  We’re already into April and I hope the weather where you are reflects that. I live in sunny, warm Kuwait (ok, it’s downright oppressively hot during the summer months), so I really can’t complain (until temps start rising, anyway!). But I feel bad as heck for my family back in New York who are […]

On Raising Flexible Children by The Abundant Mama Project

On Raising Flexible Children by The Abundant Mama Project

Editor’s Note: We have always loved each and every post from Shawn. She has an incredible way of helping me find my center in tumultuous times. We have featured her multiple times on BonBon Break and we are thrilled that she will be syndicating some of her favorite posts with us. A big thank you […]

Heirloom Waffles by Mike Colicchio


  These days, especially in food literature, social media and blogs, I see the term heirloom quite often. Usually the reference is to tomatoes or seeds. Well when I think of heirloom and food I have only one thought…waffles. Here’s why…   In the late 1940’s, my grandmother Esther worked at a luncheonette in Elizabeth, […]