How Motherhood Is Like An Icky River

icky river featured

by Sarah Reinhart of Little White Whale After I drop the big kids off at school in the morning I like to grab a coffee and sometimes have a small spontaneous adventure with Oscar and Mabel. Nothing serious. We choose one park or another. Or sometimes Target. Only Target if I’m feeling frisky though. Because […]

Just Another Headline

Just Another Headline

Six weeks ago, there was an event in Ferguson. See? You haven’t entirely forgotten about it…or have you? Did you get a feeling in your stomach when you read that simple sentence? Seems we have forgotten about it. Six weeks ago, people wrote with passion, they voiced opinions and support and shared. YES, they shared the […]

Great Apps to Help with Homework


Thank you to Common Sense Media for the resources used within this post. The homework has officially begun and we are always looking for new tools to help keep the kids current and to keep it fun. Recently, we were introduced to a few apps via Common Sense Media to help work on my son’s Math […]

Easy Indian Spiced Tomato Lime Soup

Indian soup3

     Aaaaahhhh Fall, I just love everything about it. There is already a chill in the air but the leaves haven’t really started changing much yet. With fall comes soup, so here is a really delicious looking Easy Indian Spiced Tomato Lime Soup. I love Indian spices and I adore tomato soup. Then add […]

How To Stop Kids’ Arguing While Still Letting Them Be Heard


  by Ellie of Musing Momma I’m pretty sure that my 7-year-old snuck off at some point in the night and took classes at Harvard Law. How else can I explain his ability to argue any point ad naseum, putting the most seasoned attorney to shame? It’s admirable, really. He is persistent and amazingly convincing. […]