I Love You Too Much To Get You A Phone


  image via © Depositphotos.com/maxximmm1 by Brooke Romney of Mom Explores Michigan According to my 4th grader, we are the only parents who don’t let their kids have their own phones, iTouches or tablets. When he asks why, my answer is constant: “I love you too much to give you one.” I am not opposed to […]

Advent Calendars | 25 Creative, DIY Ideas

Make this year's advent calendar extra special with one of these fun, DIY ideas.

  Advent calendars weren’t something we did in my house growing up. Not even the old school kind where there was a piece of chocolate behind each little paper door. I just don’t think it was on my parents’ radar. As a mom, I love the idea of advent calendars. For one thing, they are […]

Videos We Love: Meet Monty the Penguin


      Are you struggling to wrap your head around the fact that the holidays are coming? This video from John Lewis will get you in the mood. I mean, who can resist a penguin story? If you haven’t met Monty the Penguin, you should. FAMILY RATING: ALL AUDIENCES (the comments, not so much, but […]

10 Steps to Finding Your Dream Job


Three of the most important decisions of your life are: whom you love, where you work, and where you live. While work may dictate where you live and finding love can require a bit of luck, landing the right job can be approached somewhat scientifically. Last summer, I accepted a great position that took me […]

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath


I’ve been ready for fall, well, for a while now. If you’re a regular reader on my blog, Chaos & Love, you’ll definitely know that already. If you’re not, then yay! You won’t mind if I talk about it some more. In my endless attempts to send away the summer and bring on the fall […]

Create An Allergy Friendly Halloween…It’s Easy!


      When my now twelve year old daughter was one month old she had her first severe allergic reaction after breastfeeding. The first year was all about figuring out all of her allergies and modifying my life to keep her safe. The hardest part wasn’t all the food changes but figuring out what […]